COVID-19 Information

Update – August 25, 2021

ACTI Reopening Plan

It is the intent of ACTI to reopen on Monday, August 23, 2021 and be available to all students from all districts every day regardless of their district’s schedule.

We feel that we can do this safely because:

  • Our class sizes are generally smaller than academic classes.
  • In addition to classroom spaces, we can use laboratory space to physically distance.
  • Students generally remain in their classroom/lab for the duration of the time spent here.
  • Students spend approximately half of their time in the labs at workstations rather than sitting at a desk in a small classroom.
  • Students are only here for a small portion of their day (2 – 2.5 hours).

Key features of our plan include:

  • Face masks/coverings will be optional.
  • We will follow CDC Guidelines to the maximum extent feasible.
  • Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer readily available
  • Tools and equipment thoroughly cleaned after use
  • Increased building cleaning schedule including deep clean between AM and PM students

With the hands-on nature of our programs, students must be physically present to complete our curriculum. ACTI will not provide remote learning options or live-streaming of lessons for students who are sick or quarantined. Students are responsible for contacting their teachers for assignments and make-up work. Students will be given lab time to make-up lab assignments missed during illness or quarantine.

Click the links below to access our Reopening Plan documents: