EITC Program at ACTI

Did you know you can get financial assistance at ACTI?

Through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC), businesses who apply and are accepted donate money to an approved Educational Improvement Organization and receive a tax credit. Businesses can specify what schools can receive their contribution. ACTI receives an allocation of donated money to help families in need pay for items like uniforms, tools and certification exam fees. There is an application process and an income limit. Commonwealth Charitable Management manages the grant.

To begin the application process, visit apply.eitcnow.org, create an account and provide tax information from last year’s return. Commonwealth Charitable Management will send your application to us if you meet the requirements, and we will determine your final amount based on the required materials for your child’s ACTI program. Once the application process closes, we receive a lump sum payment from Commonwealth Charitable Management to distribute to you. You do not need to save or submit receipts—the amount you receive is based on the basic cost of eligible expenses needed to participate in our programs and may vary by program. See the CTC Applicant Brochure for more information.