See below for frequently asked questions about ACTI.

Our programs are free to students who live in our participating districts and attend a public or private school. Home-schooled students and students who don’t live in one of our participating districts may attend if there are open seats but must pay their own tuition.

Bermudian Springs, Conewago Valley, Fairfield, Gettysburg, and Littlestown. Students from non-participating districts may attend if there are seats available after participating district students are placed.

Our courses are designed for juniors (grade 11) and seniors (grade 12).

Juniors are typically considered Level 1 students (their first year in the program) and they attend the morning session from 7:30-9:30 a.m. At 9:30 they return to their high school for academic classes.

Seniors attend their high school in the morning and report to ACTI at noon. They are in their ACTI program until 2:35 p.m.

Participating districts provide transportation for juniors.

Seniors must provide their own transportation although districts may provide transportation on a case basis. Seniors will need to obtain a free parking permit to park on the ACTI/Gettysburg Area High School campus.

Yes! We try to make accommodations to ensure that you can still participate. Many of our students do.

Yes! Many of our students continue their education at a postsecondary college or university. Studies show that students who take career and technical education course in high school are more likely to be successful in college.

All our instructors have contacts in local companies related the program and they are aware of jobs that may be available.

Each year, ACTI holds a post-secondary fair involving college admissions representatives and local businesses. Students can gain information and meet college representatives and follow up with them. Students also attend business-run career fairs as they are offered each year. Everything that the students are exposed to prepares them for the future.

Each program has a Task List that business and industry representatives developed and update every three years. The Task List is our standards and forms the core of the program’s curriculum.

Instructors identify knowledge and skill requirements and a proficiency scale for each task.

You are graded on how well you accomplish each task—Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic and Did Not Attempt. You will have opportunities to practice and master the tasks during your time with us.

Completing the tasks to the Proficient or Advanced level is how we communicate with employers and postsecondary schools to let them know that you are college and career ready!

Students enrolled at ACTI receive the necessary skills for entry-level positions upon graduation. Students are also exposed to numerous job shadowing opportunities where they are able to network, meet people in the community, and also focus on their areas of interest. All coursework and hands-on experiences are geared toward employability in the future.

ACTI is open to all students regardless of your post-high school plans. Whether you plan to enter the workforce, continue your education at a post-secondary school or college, or join the military, ACTI can help you prepare.

All of our programs offer some college credit, but the type and amount varies. See the individual program pages for details.

College credit for your work at ACTI can be obtained two different ways: College in the High School or articulation agreements.

College in the High School means that you do your coursework at ACTI but you are also enrolled as a student with one of our college partners. Just by being in our course and completing the work, the college partner will award you credits while you are in high school.

Articulation agreements are contracts that we have with college partners who agree to award you with college credit once you enroll in their course after high school. Based on the work you do at ACTI, the college you choose to attend, and the major you select, you could receive 3-12 credits depending on the program and the college.

Juniors earn 3 credits for their 2-hour session. Seniors receive 4 credits for their 2-hour and 35-minute session.

Yes. At ACTI, we are preparing you for your career. Professionals dress according to the standards of their profession, and we prepare you for that.

Our dress code varies by program—see the individual program pages for ordering details.

Depends on the program. We try to minimize the cost to you however, you may need to purchase some tools and materials in addition to uniforms to participate in the program. Many professionals are required to have their own tools and the ones you purchase for attending our programs can be used on the job too.

Yes, it varies by program. We provide a well-rounded experience. Each program has field trips to local businesses and career-related sites. Most programs also have internships and/or job shadowing experiences but into the curriculum. See the individual program pages for details.